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Pearl and swine

This piece is based on a dream I had after a loss that upset me deeply. My dream included me talking to the head of a wise pig on floating clouds telling me to let go of my anger of their passing and to not cast pearls before swine as they are happy and have moved on to a happier place.

Author: Jessica Banks


Author: D Riley


Life contains suffering. My work involves me in Cancer care. It makes me see people suffering through illness. I see bravery and in fact every emotion in my work. It has helped me to further inform opinions about the whole meaning of life. each day is precious.

Author:  C Serieant

Someone Over the Rainbow

Author:  Philippa and Ellie Robinson

The Seasons

Author: Katherine Whitfield

That Funny Feeling Inside

Author: Samantha Hogg

Constant Reminders Of Happy Times

Author: Tia Havarth

The Tree of Life at Oakford

Author: Oakwood Manor Residents

End Of An Era

Author: D Riley

Lost But Not Forgotten

Author: D Riley

Lessons From Auschwitz

Author: C Healey

Lessons From Auschwitz

Author: C Healey

Lessons From Auschwitz

Author: C Healey


On a ‘hottest day of the year day trip to the seaside’, sat on the ‘prom’ with a 99 ice cream with my best buddy, we spotted these two people. They sat for a while then cast their bouquets into the sea. Who were they? And who were they remembering?

Author: Linda Algar

Saying Our Goodbyes… But Love Never Dies

I took this photograph of my husband and my mother-in-law in Tameside Hospital shortly before she came home to enable us as a family to care for her until she died. The photograph captures the love we have between us (including me as photographer.) My husband finds it difficult to look at the photo as she is rather thin and frail looking. I love this picture because you can see in her face that she loved us very much. I feel privileged to have been able to care for her at home in the final 6 days of her life where she died with her family around her.

Author: C Healey

Pushing Up Daisies, Daffodils and Others…

My uncle loved the garden, nature, flowers and especially Sprint time. When he died in January 2016, he had made his wished clear – he didn’t want a  headstone but to be buried next to his mother with no fuss or ceremony.

As a family, we chose to remember his birthday in October by planting many spring bulbs on their graves, which the young and the old took part in! This spring time, Uncle Gordan and Grandma have many colourful flowers growing. My uncle had a wicked sense of humour and  had a wicked sense of humour and would be thoroughly delighted that he is quite literally “pushing up daisies” amongst other flowers.

Author: C Healey

Journey Into Dementia – Cover


Author: Theresa Fox-Byrne

Journey Into Dementia


Author: Theresa Fox-Byrne



Author: Charlie Hill

Human Nature


Author: Springhill Hospice

Lost by the Sea

Why do you feel so lonely and lost?
Are you awaiting the new autumn frost?
The world is your oyster but all you can see
Are the grey clouds and the troubled sea
How could I tell you were me?
Perched up high with no company
Lost I am now like the seagull you see
Pushed and pulled by the tides of the sea
Where is my father, my dad, my roots?
No one is worthy of filling his boots
Taken from me while I was away
The grief seems to deepen with everyday
I stand like the bird isolated on a pole
With no one to talk to and no clear goal
Dad here I am, are you looking for me?
I thought I’d find you here, down by the sea
I left this town for lands far away
Longing now for the freedom I had that day
Where to next? No clear destination
An open ticket from Llandudno train station

Author: Rachael Roberts

The Seasons of Our Lives

“To everything there is as a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and time to pluck up that which is planted”
Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2

With this mixed media canvas we reflected on the seasons of our lives and the things that are of significance to us we near the snows of our winter. We wrote some of these things on the falling leaves of autumn.

Author: WillowWood

Many Hands Cooperative

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) said “May you live every day of your life”

Prior to death it is important to enjoy life by making friends, going out, learningnew skills. The mural showspeople from our group, all ages, backgrounds, some no longer with us who are spoken of fondly. It also shows our many activatesand talents. Though primarily we knit and crochet we have diversified to jewellery making, photography, fabric printing etc. Some just come for a cup of teaand a chat.

Author: Victoria Square

Hope in Faith

Author: Ashton Sixth Form College


Author: J. Casey


Author: C. Serjeant


Author: D.Riley

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